Get More Leads With PPC

It's very important for digital marketers and business owners to pay very close attention on their PPC campaigns because it has the strongest potential of helping you achieve your goals.

You are pouring thousands of pounds into your PPC campaigns, manage it to generate a substantial number of leads and your cost per lead is great, but the problem comes when you start analyzing your results and realize majority of these leads are "junk leads" and you're just not seeing a healthy ROI.

Rainbow Connected will help you generate better quality leads with PPC.

First lets start with some benefits of PPC for lead generation:

  • - Track ROI
  • - Grow your database of leads
  • - Achieve traffic
  • - Attract visitors who are looking for what you offer
  • - Know more about your leads behavior

Direct Prospects To a Landing Page

In PPC, landing pages are the pages a visitor is sent to after clicking on your ad, which means your landing page is the opportunity to persuade the visitor to fill out a form, to download or buy.

You will lose leads if you don't tailor your landing page to be in sync with your PPC advertising.

Know Your Client - Target Relevant Keywords

The heart of every paid search campaign are the keywords and you need to go deep to identify the best ones that suit your business.

Your PPC ads are focused on a certain keyword/key phrase and when the visitor click on the ad he/she should expected that your landing page should provide a direct form or more information about that particular keyword or topic.You have only one limit on keywords - how many you can afford to promote on your PPC campaign. In case you have a very tight budget, you only target a few keywords which are with high value, but if your budget is big then you can target as many keywords as you can think of.

Use appropriate calls to action and eye-catching headlines

Calls to action encourage potential customers to do something, and they are really useful because they tell users what to do after they've seen your ad. Telling them what to do actually improves your chances of getting a new lead.

About the headlines - it's very important to create the headline of your ad. It should include information that will attract a potential customer.

Optimize for mobile platforms

Nowadays people can do everything from their phone and more importantly then want to be able to do everything on it. So without optimization you could be missing out consumer discovery. So it's important to optimize your website and Google ads and you will generate leads using PPC campaigns.