Rainbow Connected Frequently asked questions

Rainbow takes care of this for you, our IT team will support you through each step, whether the data comes direct from your own system or a 3rd party provider. They will guide you through the complete data integration process, it doesn’t matter what format the data is in, our experienced IT team are there to manage the safe, secure delivery of your data into our bespoke system to call on your behalf.

This will be dependent on the campaign type, live data campaigns are updated daily, giving the client access to their own reporting folder to look at when they need to. The MI summarises the gross data in, the percentage of data that is not contactable (i.e. a duplicate lead/wrong number), how many calls have been successfully transferred across on the campaign and the conversion rate for the campaign. However full lead and transfer details are included within the report to assist the client with looking at individual lead type performance. The MI for renewal and historical campaigns are typically updated weekly as these are usually delivered in a CSV file format rather than a daily feed.

Each client has a dedicated account manager to contact should there be any issues arising with your campaign. You will be introduced to your account manager from the outset and they will work closely with you to iron out any teething issues and manage any urgent requirements you may have, i.e. should you have staff shortages or system issues. We can manage these for you by staggering or pausing calls whilst these issues are resolved. They will be your first point of contact and will assist in resolving any queries you have.

Rainbow is confident in the service they provide, our team is dedicated to delivering a great customer journey, ensuring that we are compliant with our scripting and our bespoke C2C system ensures we beat our competition to the customer every time! Clear data conversion targets are set with the client at the beginning of the campaign. Rainbow will guarantee that if we don’t meet the agreed minimum target then our services will be free of charge to the client, that’s how confident we are!

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