Call purchase

  • Get Calls from customers who want to do business with you.
  • Buy with confidence from a source that handled 1 500 000 calls in the last 3 years.
  • purchase filtered Calls that match your criteria and sell insurance with ease.
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PPC Leads

  • Get more out of your PPC Leads.
  • Get our insurance experts to work and call your leads.
  • No one will beat our call to quote conversions
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Lead Efficiency

  • Optimise the ROI on all your purchased leads.
  • Instead of spending more on new leads get more value out of your existing ones.
  • Convert leads that are presumed dead or expired.
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Call exchange

  • Buy or Sell calls through our call trading platform.
  • Sell unwanted calls and make money even when you lose.
  • Buy calls that match your criteria and filters.
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Aggregator Solutions

  • Have a second try at your failed aggregator / Topex leads.
  • If the instant quote and buy doesn't work we can bring the customer back on a call.
  • Talk directly to them and enjoy magnificent conversion rates.
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Lead Re-generation

  • Get in touch with leads built up over the year and quote them to renew with you.
  • Our specially trained advisers will contact your list of expired leads and bring them on for renewal.
  • Pay on a cost per transfer basis and get cost effective leads for your business.
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Rainbow Office

Rainbow Connected Insurance Call Centre

We are a UK based Call centre that offers a number of tailored services to the Insurance Industry. With over 20 years of Call centre and Insurance based knowledge we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading Call Centres in the UK.

We currently work with the biggest Insurers in the United Kingdom and offer specialised services that help them make the most of their insurance enquiries. Whether Online or Offline we have ways of making all our clients ROI bigger!!

Rainbow Connected in numbers


calls per day


leads per month


years of experience

Please take a look around the website and explore the different type of services we offer.


Please also feel free to pick up the phone or contact us if you have any questions regarding getting more insurance enquiries for your business.