Rainbow Call Exchange

Every insurer is faced with customers that they are simply unable to quote, our Call Exchange product allows your agents to send us customers, via a live call directly into our contact centre. Our advisors will then enter the details into our bespoke system and match to a client that can quote and remonetise for the insurer.

The Rainbow Connected Call Exchange product is a service that has evolved out of demand from our existing clients. If you are an insurer then you will be well aware that you cannot quote every single person that you are presented with. This is where we realised that all Insurers are different and the type of clients they want are mixed. It's this variety and the non-control you have when purchasing online quotes that helped us to make this product. Our Exchange product allows your agent to send us your unwanted quotes live back to our Call centre. We will then enter the customer's details into our bespoke system and locate another client of ours who actively wants to quote that person. The process is intelligent but the idea is simple! You as one of our clients would also be able to pick your ideal customer and purchase these types of calls. There are two benefits to these leads. One you get paid for a lead you sell back to us. Two you purchase only the filter set that is pre-agreed prior to delivery.

Address Unit 8 Saxon House
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Phone Number 0300 373 0999
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