So if we were able to get calls coming in to your team at a cost less than buying in live PPC leads, it would provide you with a highly practical solution to the December downturn!
If you are wondering how we are able to sell on hot-key transferred calls for less than the cost of a web lead, it is because we are open about the source of data we use for our calls.
Unlike other lead suppliers, who often text out to last years leads, and then sell them on again at the same price as a live lead. We separate our data sources depending on the cost of generation. So calls from live PPC data are one price, and calls from last years PPC campaigns are much less.
As it has cost us much less to re-generate a lead from last years campaign, we pass the savings on to you.
What’s more, with us calling the customer first, to ensure they are back in the market looking for quotes again this year, the calls are of an equally high standard as any call transfers we make.
Hardly any way to say no…
Call us on 0843 178 2814 to find out more.
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If you are also interested in becoming part of our network of brokers who benefit from our call / lead trading platform, then please get in touch. We offer excellent rates and you will benefit from only receiving calls you can definitely quote for.
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