Rainbow Connected Lead Management Services

Call Purchase

  • Buy Calls with confidence from a new source.
  • We have generated and sold Calls for three years.
  • Purchase only Calls that fit your criteria and match your filters.
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PPC Leads

  • Get more out of your PPC Leads.
  • Get our insurance experts to work and call your leads.
  • No one will beat our call to quote conversions
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Lead Efficiency

  • Get the best ROI on all your purchased leads.
  • Whether Online or Offline get the best returns for your spend.
  • This product maximises every single enquiry.
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Call Exchange

  • Buy or Sell calls through our call trading platform.
  • Sell unwanted calls and make money even when you lose.
  • Buy calls that match your criteria and filters.
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Aggregator Solutions

  • Have a second try at your failed aggregator / Topex leads.
  • If the instant quote and buy doesn't work we can bring the customer back on a call.
  • Talk directly to them and enjoy magnificent conversion rates.
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Lead Re-Generation

  • Get in touch with leads built up over the year and quote them to renew with you.
  • Our specially trained advisers will contact your list of expired leads and bring them on for renewal.
  • Pay on a cost per transfer basis and get cost effective leads for your business.
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