Rainbow Lead Efficiency

Our contact centre offers an unrivalled results in speed and success rates in managing your lead efficiency campaigns. Calling your clients within seconds of application and providing you a hot key transfer to quote immediately.

The Rainbow Connected Lead Efficiency product has evolved from concerns that our clients were not getting the most out of their marketing spends. One of the first things we do when speaking with a new client is look at their current marketing strategies and conversions. In most cases we see our clients don't actually have to increase their marketing budget to speak to more customers. Generally they just need to perform better with the leads that they already have. A common problem we see is when an online lead is dead. Most Insurers see their leads having a "shelf life" and that generally is 24 hours. The normal consensus is to just purchase more the next day!

This is where we come in. Let's say an Insurer generates 100 online leads a day. Their team speaks to 30 of those people and quote them. The next day there are 70 leads that are deemed "dead". Those leads are then sent into Rainbow Connected's system where our team will contact them. If we then put over 30 of those "dead" quotes into your team they would have the same volume again to quote. Meaning two things, reduce the current spend so you speak to the same quantity of customers or increase your quoting staff to accommodate the increase in customers! In a nutshell this product is designed to minimise spend and increase revenue making your marketing budget more efficient!

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