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Rainbow Connected's concept was born in October 2010.We were asked to generate live Google leads for an Insurance Broker for their call centre. A Free test was agreed of 10 leads so the client could gauge the quality. Seventy two hours later our team called to find out the results of the test. Out of the ten leads sent the client had said "Sorry we couldn't get hold of them, NOT for us". Stunned and bemused we got a staff member to call the leads there and then. The results were the beginning of the company. We got in contact with seven of the leads immediately and of which five of them wanted a quote there and then!

We knew at that point that we could deliver "hot key calls" to our clients as one of our services.On that day the seed for our Call Centre started to grow! We now have multiple products and teams dedicated to individual Insurers needs. We have a very experienced management team with expertise in Advertising, Digital Media and Call centre services. Our large IT team work on both our internal systems as well as our web activity meaning we are at the forefront of our digital age. One of our key factors is that we provide excellent management Information to all our clients that are above and beyond the norm.Today we generate thousands of calls a day for our ever growing Call centre.....and the growth continues...