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Why Rainbow Connected?
It’s safe to say that comparison sites are one of the fastest ways for people to compare quotes when they are looking to save money on their insurance.
It’s estimated that around 1 in 3 people now take out their insurance via a Comparison site.
But what happens when the customer is not always willing to take up the ‘quote and buy’ online straight away?
At Rainbow Connected we know that this can be costly for the brokers who appear in the top quotes, as they still have to pay a premium, even if no sale has been made.
Rainbow Connected Aggregator Solutions
Our aggregator solutions service was designed to help the brokers speak to as many of these customers as possible. Simply getting the opportunity to talk to the customer allows you a better opportunity to convert the lead in to a sale.
Our bespoke system allows us to organise and sort this data to give us maximum conversions and generate calls.
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