Rainbow Connected Lead Efficiency
For the majority of Insurance brokers that are receiving leads on a daily basis, and looking to get more quotes, the immediate response is to buy in more leads…
At Rainbow Connected, we offer a lead Efficiency service, which is designed to get you more quotes from the leads you already have, and may be wasting.
The service is cost effective and, pound for pound, cheaper than buying in more leads to get the same number of quotes.
We are confident enough to offer this service for free, if we can’t beat your existing live contact rate.
The leads can be handled live, to lighten your teams tasks, and just have the calls coming inbound. Or they can be picked up, up to 24 hours old, as a back-up service to your frontline, continuing to contact the leads you haven’t been able to get in touch with.
For more info, or a more detailed proposal, please get in touch:
Tel: 0843 178 2814


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