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Why Rainbow Connected?
Buying in leads is always a good way to increase the volume of business coming in the door.
However contacting the leads can prove difficult.
At Rainbow we understand that the day to day running of an insurance brokerage means you have many things to do, such as taking payments, dealing with claims, and long scripts to verify with customers. This means you can’t always phone the leads as soon as they come through. And when you do try to contact the leads, you may not get hold of them.
Our Lead Efficiency product is designed to follow up your efforts by taking over the contacting side of things once a lead hits a certain age (up to 24 hours old)
As all we focus on is the contacting, we can help get more of those customers back across to you to run through a quote.
We work with you to agree certain targets prior to commencing the trials, so you can ensure that it proves a cost effective solution to get you more quotes from the leads you buy in.
We are so confident that we can substantially increase your number of quotes that we will even offer our services for free if we don’t hit the target agreed.
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